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Brandi Shigley
Photo by Cos Linstrom

Brandi Shigley graduated in 1999 from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelors in Speech Communication with an emphasis in organizational communication and communication theory. It wasn’t until her 3rd year in college when a professor told her to speak about what she’s passionate about. That is when her world changed and she realized that when she added passion to everything she did, she could excel in her endeavors. She went from a 1.7 accumulative grade point average to a 3.8, graduating with honors.

As an adopted Filipina, entrepreneur, and dreamer / doer, Shigley wants to continue to spread that motivation to bring passion into all that you do.



  • TEDx Talk: Do What You Love
  • Following your passions and turning it into a business.
  • Being adopted and creating your own roots
  • Finding your passion
  • How to start a small business
  • Finding your passion through creative excercises
  • Tapping into your Zone of Genius
  • PechaKucha: Do What You Love. Love What You Do

slider3“You are quite obviously, a very gifted public speaker. Your content is your own; it was rich, personal, universal and shot through with loving enthusiasm for life. I can’t smile any bigger than I was in church this morning listening to you! Thank you for the gift of life that follows you wherever you go.”
Mark Tidd | Co-Pastor Highlands Church

“Thank you for taking the time to come to Smoky and inspire the young people in our class.  You are incredible and made a difference in their lives. You excited them about the possibilities, gave them hope, encouraged them and made them smile.

-Dan Draper, CareerConnections, Program Coordinator

Brandi Shigley speaks at her high school alumni ,Smoky Hill High School
Brandi Shigley speaks at her high school alumni, Smoky Hill High School. September 22nd, 2016

“We invited Brandi to campus as part of a “Self-Made” series we hosted on campus in the Spring Semester of 2011. This three-part series has highlighted successful entrepreneurs in Colorado and gave them a platform to share their inspiring stories with our campus community. Brandi brought her unique and quirky style to the event and gave us a day to remember.”

– Matt Brinton, Assistant Director of Student Activities, MSU Denver

“The ambition and motivation you emulate is contagious and really inspired me to work hard and follow my dreams. Denver is lucky to have such an individual pushing and encouraging the local fashion scene!”

– Shayla Preeshl | Stylist at Neiman Marcus

“I want to thank you for hosting the Do What You Love seminar last night. Not only do I feel enlightened on the process of starting my own business, I also feel much more inspired/motivated to begin the process of making my dreams happen! I believe that my mom and I are on the right track to building a great business, whatever it is we choose to do.”

“Brandi’s ‘Do What You Love. Love What You Do’ presentation will make you feel rooted in yourself and ready to conquer the world. Her enthusiasm, expertise and candor combine to create a truly inspirational experience. Thank you! “

-Sandra Konta