Doctors, lawyers, and my little ukulele

Last month, I had the opportunity to emcee the Personal Injury Summit. I never imagined that I’d be hanging out with doctors and lawyers and some of the most gifted personal injury specialists.

Since last September, I have been working for Dr. Brad Poppie, who started out being one of my clients. 3 years ago he took my Do What You Love workshop, then hired me to do the branding for his clothing line for body builders, then I produced his book launch and the rest is history! Since then, I have been working as his VP of marketing for several of his businesses and one of them just happen to be the planning, execution and emceeing of the first ever Personal Injury Summit, where we brought together doctors, lawyers, chiropractors and physical therapists together to help personal injury clients have a smoother and more successful case as well as making sure that their physical injuries are not overlooked.

Brandi Shigley speaks with guests at the Personal Injury Summit
Speaking with the guests at the Personal Injury Summit

I was a little nervous to emcee this event as it’s much different than the fashion events and cultural events that I’ve emceed. I didn’t know if I should try to be more serious and tone down my silliness. But when it the weekend came, I was just myself.

Brandi Shigley emcees the Personal Injury Summit
Emceeing the Personal Injury Summit. Photo by Alex McCann

Whether it’s a fashion event, music show, or even a medical / lawyer event, it’s important to keep the energy bright and fun!

The following week, I got a message that I had been reviewed on Google:

Brandi Shigley plays the ukulele at the Personal Injury Summit
Even doctors and lawyers could use a little happy sound during the day 🙂 … Photo by Alex McCann

“I am a Chiropractic Physician currently practicing in Las Vegas. I flew to Denver and attended the Personal Injury Summit where Brandi was the MC of the event. I could not speak more highly of Brandi. She is extremely professional with everything she does and her interpersonal skills are equally as impressive. She shows no fear when MC’ing and event! She is very outgoing, personable, and kept the audience engaged the entire event. She is no amateur when it comes to interviews or introducing speakers. She even sang and played her ukulele. She goes above and beyond and stage fright does not exist. Put her in the spot light and watch her shine. Thank you for the hospitality Brandi, you truly are awesome. Dr. Poppie is lucky to have you.

-Dr. Chris Robey | Las Vegas

I give God the glory! Thank you for giving me the gift of communication, the courage to to speak in front of others, and to be a light for you, in any scenario!

The importance of paper and fashion and how it plays out 30+ years later

Brandi Shigley's paper purse drivers license and Visa.
My original paper purse driver’s license and visa from 3rd grade! A B.Shigley original!

When I was in 3rd grade, I was obsessed with making paper purses. We had this session during the day that was called FRED (Free Reading Every Day). You could read, write draw, really just be creative! What I chose to do was to make paper purses! I’d make a paper wallet to go into my paper purse with paper cosmetics to go into my paper cosmetic bag. There was no limit to what I could put in that paper purse! 

For the past decade, the Art Directors Club of Denver has been putting on the Paper Fashion Show. I’ve been invited to be one of the judges a few times over the past decade and it is absolutely incredible to see what people are doing with paper!

Here is my interview on this past 2017 show:

Brandi Shigley selected as a judge for the Paper Fashion Show
Click the image to see the full interview

It is hard to judge these shows because every piece is made with so much creativity and love! Fortunately I didn’t have to do it alone!

Brandi Shigley along with fellow judges at the Paper Fashion Show
My fellow judges at the Paper Fashion Show 2017


What an absolute HONOR it is to be asked to emcee Daybreaker with one of my soul sista, entrepreneur, yogi and DJ friends Jenny aka J|Adore! Together we brought the morning feels in full dance party force at Space Gallery on March 22nd.

What an absolute HONOR it is to be asked to emcee the next Daybreaker with one of my soul sista, entrepreneur, yogi and DJ friends Jenny aka J|Adore! Together we will be bringing the morning feels on March 22nd at Space Gallery. More details for this exciting morning are underway!
Photo by Romeo Fernandez

Since the inception of Daybreaker here in Denver and Boulder, I have been obsessed with this morning monthly ritual of getting my day started through dance and yoga. I fell in love with  this event and the two women who run it (Summer and Rachel) and have become part of the Daybreaker family greeting people with hugs. It’s pretty much the most rewarding tasks ever given!

I have watched the sunrise while dancing alongside amazing beautiful people, dressed in some kind of fun getup (every Daybreaker has a theme!) Then…. I’m at work by 9:30am and my day continues to float on this magical level that seems to carry on for the rest of the week!

Brandi Shigley & Sam Shredder dance
Sam and I dance the morning away at Daybreaker Boulder. Photo by Romeo Fernandez

I look forward to being part of the next Daybreaker!